Regulations and accessibility


All activities for Naturland are subject to weather conditions. Interruptions or limitations due to weather conditions do not give right to any refund. Check the clima before booking, remember that the climate in Andorra is changing.

  • You can cancel your reservation more than 48 hours in advance and will receive a full refund.
  • Between the previous 48 hours and the day of your reservation at 00.01h you will be penalized with 10% of the total of your reservation.
  • No refunds are allowed on the day of booking. We will offer you a limited change of date so that you can come at another time to carry out the activities.
  • In case of rain or closure of the facilities by Naturland, we offer you a limited change of date so that you can come at another time to carry out the activities. This weather guarantee option is also valid if you have used part of the entry, the activities not performed may be performed at another time.

Purchases made directly at the box office have a meteorological guarantee, activities not carried out due to weather closures may be carried out another day, as long as the original bracelet is kept.


Naturland offers access to some activities for people with reduced mobility, consult in advance with the booking department or the staff of the center to define which ones can be adapted to your circumstances.

  • Tobotronc (cota 1600 - access by cota 2000): If you have reduced mobility, let us know before your arrival in order to receive a better service and enjoy tobotronc in Andorra. You will need to come with 2 companions over the age of 18 (one of them with a driver's license). The security protocol does not allow you to make the ascent circuit, for this reason you will have to go up with your vehicle to the Cota 2000 sector with both companions. There you can take the tobotronc with a companion, who will be the person who sits in the back of the sled and directs the brakes during the descent. Once downstairs, the staff will help you settle in while you wait for your second companion.
  • Swincar (cota 1600): In summer we have an electric 4x4 vehicle fully adapted for driving. They are two-seater vehicles, so you can go with an companion.
  • Buggy (winter, cota 1600) or Buggy excursion (summer, cota 2000): Two-seater 4x4 vehicles allow access with an adult companion.
  • Archery (Cota 2000): Access to archery is adapted. The monitor will tell you how to position yourself.
  • Prat de Conangle (Cota 2000): During the summer season we have a tour inside the Prat de Conangle, where you can access and enjoy the nature of Andorra in its pure state. You can see the farm animals, the ponies and the horses walking.
  • Services: Access to service and catering areas is adapted; at cota 1600, you have access to the Cafeteria, the Foc restaurant, the Sanobanano, the Xiriburguer and the Xiricrep. We also have adapted toilets on both cotas. In the Cota 2000 sector, ask us to open the ramp access to our ticket offices.


Your pet can visit Naturland with you, both Cota 1600 and Cota 2000, as long as you keep it properly tied. You will not be able to access inside of the restaurant, but you can walk around the outside environment. We have restaurant points with a terrace where you can be with your pet. We ask you to be clean with the environment and that you can collect any excrement that your pet makes. You will not be able to approach the cross-country ski runs, the farm space, the ponies, or the horses.


  • The ticket (personal and non-transferable) has a special coding system designed to prevent counterfeiting. Buying the ticket at an unofficial point of sale may result in the denial of access to the venue, declining the park of all responsibility.
  • It is totally forbidden to enter with blisters, weapons and any other type of tall or blunt objects that the park deems dangerous and could affect the safety of visitors.
  • The bearer of this ticket accepts that you may be required to present the passport or identity document to verify your identity at the time of sending it to the service of the contract. Also accepts that a record may be made, depending on the law, at the time of access to the park, with the sole purpose of verifying that the required security conditions are complex, for which thing, in case If you refuse registration, you may be denied entry to the park.
  • In the same way, the staff of the park may deny access to the enclosure to the bearer of this ticket if they rationally consider that, in case of allowing the entrance, it could create a situation of risk, danger or public disorder. In the same way, it is possible to proceed to expel him from the park if the described circumstances occur.
  • The park reserves the right to change or alter the program of activities, including modifying the opening time and parking. Adverse weather conditions do not donate right to the refund of the import of the ticket.
  • If for reasons of force major or other clearly justified reasons, the park is obliged not to open the facilities, we will offer the possibility of changing the day of entry.
  • The possession of the ticket does not donate the right to the owner or to third parties, to use it or to be used for advertising, marketing, or promotional purposes (including contests, gifts or raffles).