Forfait cross country skiing + Complete equipment + Initiation course

The beginners ski lesson consists of 1 hour in a group with a monitor. The group will be of a maximum of 10 people. Check available times upon arrival. Remember to bring your own recommended equipment:

Recommended own equipment: waterproof and comfortable warm clothing, warm underwear, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, water and some food such as energy bar or fruit.

Once the initiation class is completed, you can continue skiing, making the stops you want, as well as being able to enjoy the restaurant's terrace where we can boast that we have 300 days of sunshine a year.

Why cross-country skiing is the sport that suits you best: check here (cross-country ski section link)

We are waiting for you at Naturland! The only cross-country ski slopes in Andorra!

After a good day of skiing, we are waiting for you at La Borda de Conangle restaurant, with a daily menu at € 24.40, enjoy our best cuisine in this mountain restaurant. Reservations at (+376) 741461.

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