Sled Kids

Naturland has a specific sledding area for children from 3 to 6 years old, the kids sledding area, located right in front of the terrace of the La Borda restaurant.

Sledding in the snow is perhaps one of the most fun ways to enjoy the snowy mantle. Kids love it!

A practice that has more and more followers, but that requires responsible use to avoid accidents, both for the users themselves and for the rest of the visitors.

Sledding should be done wisely and with proper equipment (only with sleds rented from Naturland). Speed ​​or poor sled control can cause accidents. Be careful around other users, especially children. Be respectful of this rule, as its sole purpose is to allocate an exclusive space for the little ones so that they can enjoy themselves in the safest way.

The authorized area has specific regulations that seek to reconcile the interests of all users, especially ensuring safety. Every day the team in charge of its maintenance steps on the designated areas with the machine to avoid the formation of “bathtubs” and to maximize the time of use and enjoyment. Some of these standards are:

  • Plastics or other non-approved elements are not allowed to slide
  • Climb up the sides of the track to avoid being run over
  • Brake before reaching the crash mats.
  • Avoid staying inside the court and concentrating in groups
  • Dogs are not allowed

Quick information

1 hour 5€