Advices and recommendations

Naturland is the Outdoor Activity Centre of Andorra, and to enjoy your experience here, we suggest you read the following advice and recommendations carefully. Book your experience: We recommend you make your booking through our website , where you can compare all the tickets and experiences available and choose the one that best suits you. Confirm your booking in advance to benefit from the best discounts. If you have any questions during the booking process, please contact the Booking Department .

Before arriving: First you should check which cota the activities you have booked are in, you will find the details in the Activities section of the website. If you have activities on both Cotas, choose the sector where you want to start enjoying your ticket. Then prepare your route and find out how to get there and park. In case of bad weather on the day of your booking or in case of bad prediction, you can consult the Activities Status, which confirms the opening of each activity.

When you arrive at Naturland: You are already here! If you start at Cota 1600, you will see a direct access for booking, if you start at elevation 2000, you will have to go to the NaturlandShop, which is usually less crowded. At both ticket offices your booking will be verified and you will be given a bracelet or ticket for the activities. Consult the map to locate all the services and activities of the Centre. Remember that the 8 km journey between Cota 1600 and 2000 will have to be made in your own vehicle.

Where to eat? Consult all the restaurants we have open for you. If you wish to eat in La Borda o El Foc, we recommend that you make your reservation in advance by calling our Booking department on (+376) 741463 or directly to the restaurant on (+376) 741461.

Some tips for enjoying the activities: For certain activities such as the Tobotronc or the Airtrekk, among others, you may not carry backpacks, handbags or anything tied around your body, your mobile phone may not be used and sunglasses may fall off. We recommend that you leave it in your vehicle, or in the lockers we have at the Centre (cost €1).

Please bring a rain cover, a hat to protect you from the sun and comfortable clothes. We also recommend that you wear sun cream. If you forget any accessories, you can get them in our shops. Remember that you will be between 1600 and 2000 metres above sea level. The mountain climate is pleasant, but you should protect yourself.

To enjoy the activities it is mandatory to wear tied and closed shoes.

Read carefully the rules of use that you will find at the entrance of each activity and listen carefully to the explanations of our monitors, we watch over your safety and to ensure that you enjoy your experience to the maximum. In summer, if you come to enjoy the Naturland Bike Center, you can, in addition to riding the more than 60km of circuits, use the additional services which include a shuttle service that will take you from cota 1600 to 2000 if you have cycled any of the routes that connect them.


Several of the activities offered at Naturland, such as the Tobotronc, can be adapted to suit your needs. Check the Accessibility section to see the details and plan your visit.  

#respiraemocions in Naturland Everything is ready to enjoy all the experiences Naturland has to offer? If you have any questions, please contact us, and for more information about Andorra's tourist offer you can consult Visit Andorra

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