Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have the Super3 card, How can I apply the discount?

    The super3 club discount is valid all year except August.

    The promotion is available for AVENTURA and NATURKIDS tickets, the child with the super3 card must be accompanied by an adult who buys a ticket (maximum, 4 childs per adult, with a family bond).

    The discount only applies ONLINE. Tickets must be purchased on the website at least 24 hours in advance (Notice: limited places). The code to be entered at the time of purchase is NATURSP321 (you must first register as a user to use the code). Once purchased, they will receive a voucher for the reservation which must be presented at the park ticket office along with the membership card and the child's identification.

    The promotion cannot be purchased directly at the park box office.

  • Is the park suitable for strollers or wheelchairs?

    Both levels are adapted for any type of chair. We also have activities that are also available for people with disabilities; the tobotronc, the route of the trades, the activity of swincar among others.

  • How long does it take to visit and do all the activities in the park?

    We recomment you to spend an entire day visiting and doing the activities offered by the park. Remember that there are two levels to see, the 1,600m and the 2,000m with different activities in each of them.

    In case you want to do the most special activities; such as horse riding, bicycle rental or hiking routes you have to think in spend two days in our park. 




  • How can I purchase my ticket?

    Tickets can be purchased online no later than the day before the visit. The Booking Department will send you the voucher by email to the indicated address, you must go to the booking queue and present the voucher at the park ticket office. Search your ticket here


  • What can I do if I have any incident in the bike center?

    It is very important to sign up for the free phone number of the bike patrol, 353 532, and for any incident or accident you should contact him.

  • What about safety, first aid and rescue in the bike center?

    The company has trained and experienced patrols (security agents on the MTB tracks). In addition, all outdoor instructors have a valid first aid certificate.

  • What activities can be done as a family and with young children?

    Adults can accompany children on the Conangle circuit, the pump truck or the kids zone. In the case of being a family where children are already more experienced in the world of MTB, they could access all the facilities of the bike center.

  • For the bike center, do you need a rental deposit?

    Yes, a rental contract must be signed with all the details of possible incidents, breakdowns or misuse, with the corresponding penalty amount. This contract will contemplate the data of the credit card and the holder.

  • The bike center is open all year round?

    The bike center is open in the summer and autumn months; therefore July, August, September and October.

  • What services does the bike pass offer?
    It depends on your age. We find the kids bike pass, the junior bike pass and the adult bike pass, each entry includes a series of accesses or other ones. You will find the information in the rates section.
  • Should I buy a bike pass if I want to access only to Conangle?

    No, if it is walking you will have free access. On the other hand, if you want to accompany the little ones by bike, you will have to pay the same price as the kid's (€ 5).

  • Where can I rent the equipment for practice MTB?

    In the level 2000 store you will find bicycles and helmets for rent, you will also find guided routes for all.

  • What do I need to access the bike center?

    To access the bike center, you need your bike pass and the appropriate material to carry out the activity, the helmet is mandatory.

  • Where can I buy the bike pass?

    You can buy your bike pass online. You can also buy it at the ticket offices located at level 1600 and at the store located at level 2000.

  • Do you have any discounts for people with functional diversity?

    If you have a functional diversity of at least 33%, we will give you a 25% discount on the ticket you want to purchase, upon presentation of the certificate that validates it. This discount does not apply to the single toboggan ticket. If you have any questions about the activities you can do, please contact us by email at The discount only applies to the affected person, not to their companions.

  • Can I buy only Tobotronc?

    You can buy the unique tobotronc ticket, only on our website. You will not be able to purchase the tobotronc ticket at our box office in high season. Schedules for doing the toboggan on a single ticket are proposed in the afternoon. Please note that places are limited, as we reserve the maximum number of places for customers who purchase the AVENTURA ticket. Remember that in the morning you will never be able to enjoy the unique tobotronc ticket during the high season days.

  • Do you have limited capacity?

    The capacity is very wide, all the activities are outdoors, but you could find especially during the month of August that we close sales, as the availability of activities such as tobotronc are used to fill during this summer month and on dates of strong influx such as holidays.

  • What if I can't come on the day of my booking?

    Check the booking conditions. If you have any questions, you can contact us at

    You can cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before coming as long as you have a just cause. In case you do not notify us within the requested period, you will not lose your money, we will let you postpone the visit for another date. If you do not notify us, and you do not show up, you will lose your reservation and we will not be able to make any changes or refunds. Returns of tickets may incur management fees depending on the product you have purchased.

  • How should I go from elevation 1600 to elevation 2000?

    The travel between the two sectors must be by road and in your own vehicle. There is a distance of 8km between one sector and the other. You will find free parking in both sectors. In case you find the parking 1600 full, you can park on one side of the road. If you have to come by public transport, consult the section, how to get there, there you will find the schedules of the Fourth Bus and our recommendation.

  • Can we brought food to the park?


    It is allowed the access to the park with food. The park has some picnic areas. Picnics are not allowed in the enabled restoration areas of the park. It is not allowed to leave rubbish on the floor. For safety, it is not allowed to feed the animals in the park.

  • Do I have to pay entry to access Naturland?


    You can access to Naturland without buying a ticket. Tickets must be purchased to access to the activities. It is allowed to enter and leave the park during the park's opening hours as many times as desired.

  • Is there public transport to access Naturland?

    There is a public transport service from Sant Julià de Lòria to Naturlandia. The service is the "Fourth Bus"; it is a 19-seater bus. Schedules can be consulted here.

  • Is there parking?
    • Parking Cota 1600: free.

    • Parking Cota 2000: free.

    The car park is an open space. Once full, you can park neatly on the road if vehicles are not obstructed.

  • What can the child who is not yet 3 years old do to do the activities?

    Children under the age of 3 are not allowed in the activities. They can enjoy free of charge the farm located at elevation 2000 or the playground in the elevation sector 1600.

  • Can I take my pet to the park?


    Pets can enter Naturland as long as they are properly tied.