The beginnings of the La Rabassa Snow Camp date back to 1994, with the first 5 km of cross-country ski runs. Between 1995 and 1996, the cross-country ski resort of La Rabassa was extended with 10 km more slopes and facilities such as the resort chalet were built. Subsequently, snow slides and warehouses for machinery and equipment were built. Road access and parking were laid to park visitors' vehicles until the year 2000, when the special management plan for the La Rabassa Snow Camp was finally created.

At the same time, the Elevation 1600 facilities were built as the headquarters of the 1991 Small States Games shooting event. Facilities that for a few years were underused.

During 2007, the tobotronc was built, which was inaugurated in February 2008, kicking off the NATURLAND brand, which connected the La Rabassa snow field with the facilities of the 1600 shooting range. Since then, a range of activities has been developed around the two sectors until today where we make a new start with a new brand, NATURLAND, which is a consequence of the evolution of the markets, of the needs and demands of customers and the sustainable development the environment demands.