Route Caborreu - Red

The start and end point of the route is at elevation 2000, has an incline of 214 m, a distance of 5.12 km and a duration of approximately 1 hr.

On this itinerary you will find fun areas of forest and technical rock areas.

By the time you’ve warmed up on our Pump Track and tried our blue route, you’ll be ready for this route!! However, it is recommended if the blue route has not posed a very high technical difficulty for you.

The beginning of the route coincides with the blue one at Elevation 2000 until it reaches the Conangle Meadow (Prat de Conangle). At this point you will deviate from the blue route to start the descent among forests and streams.

Halfway down and once inside the canal where the stream goes down begins the most technical section, which is why this route is classified as red.

Once you finish the technical area you will continue down a green area that is lots of fun and that will lead you to the forest track that will take you to the base of the elevation 2000.


Ruta CarboreuSegment Ruta carboreu


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