Fast, quiet and fun ... these are the adjectives of the new MoonBikes! You will find the first ultralight electric snowmobiles in Naturland this winter.

An unforgettable experience

This electric vehicle offers a new way to enjoy winter activities, blurring the lines between recreation and transportation. Its speed can reach 40 km / h, without leaving a trace, 0 emissions, 0 noise and 100% unique!

Thanks to its size, ultralight weight and low center of gravity, it is easy to drive.

Moonbikes gives you the freedom of an electric bike with the power of a motorcycle! Do not hesitate, you will find new sensations in moonbikes, an unforgettable experience to enjoy the surroundings of La Rabassa.

Our guided moonbike tours are carried out with expert monitors who advise you on driving the vehicle at all times. Following the directions, you will fully enjoy this activity.

The activity lasts 45 minutes, starting with the explanation of the monitor, then yout driving is tested putting into practice what was explained by the monitor and we start the tour; You will enjoy the landscapes, passing through the most emblematic areas of La Rabassa, the Pimes Refuge and with spectacular views of the Pla de Conangle and the mountains of Andorra.


Explore nature, in total harmony with it. Drive without sound, moonbikes are totally respectful with the environment, continuing with Naturland's purpose of betting on electric mobility.

The price of the 45-minute trip is 39,50€


This activity is suitable for adults from 14 years old. The vehicles are individual.

Minors under 18 must be accompanied at the exit by an adult over 18 who is responsible for the minor’s driving: father / mother or guardian.