What is cross-country skiing?

Cross-country skiing (xc-skiing) is one of the oldest winter sports, especially known in Scandinavian countries, the homeland of cross-country skiing and where, even now, it is the natural form of displacement in rural areas. It is possible to practice it on snow of any kind, but in practice it is only used on prepared slopes (using a trace made by the snow groomer) and on gentle slopes. This modality uses skis that are narrower than those used for alpine skiing, which are very flexible and light. The skis, which are longer than alpine skis, also do not have a heel cup attachment to allow good flexibility when sliding down the plane and ascent.

Why should you try it?

Its popularity stems from its simplicity and health benefits. The movements for cross-country skiing are very gentle on the body's joints compared to many other sports and allow a complete physical work of the whole body.

The cold air of the forests in winter purifies the lungs by activating blood circulation and strengthens the defenses of the immune system. In addition, it allows you to get in touch with nature, in the middle of snowy landscapes, giving a feeling of disconnection and relaxation through the mind.

La Rabassa cross-country ski resort

In La Rabassa, we have the only cross-country ski slopes in the country. Our team prepares the slopes daily for its two modalities, that of classic and that of skating or freestyle.

We have a wide range of services to offer to skiers, cafeteria, restaurant, rental shop, sale shop with specialized equipment, exclusive space with changing rooms, showers and services, all surrounded by other recreational activities and a particularly sunny environment by the its south orientation. In addition, we have an artificial snow system to guarantee the best snow conditions.

Cross-country skiing in Andorra

In Andorra we have great skiers, and their origins are in La Rabassa. We highlight Ireneu Esteve and Carola Vila, members of the Andorran national cross-country skiing team, but there is also a very promising base of skiers who are part of the Nordic La Rabassa Club (NEC) and who follow in the footsteps of the aforementioned skiers..

Why cross-country skiing is the sport that suits you best


Because it is not difficult to learn how to do it. The slopes are much flatter than the alpine ones. It's like gliding, a great advantage if you know how to skate and like it! That is why it is a good way to learn to ski, if you have ever done any skiing. And if you are an alpine skier, it will be easy for you (although do not be too confident that you will dominate the first time, it is quite different).

Because it is a sport with which you exercise your whole body, and you also do it at your own pace. It allows you to do full exercise, relaxed if you want or more powerful if that is what you are looking for.

Because the equipment is comfortable..The boots are not rigid, they allow you to walk without difficulty, the skis are light and the clothes are comfortable and it is also not necessary to wear a helmet.

Because cross-country skiing has very little risk of injury compared to other skiing modalities.

Because it is a sport that can be done from the smallest of the house to the oldest. On the cross-country ski slopes it is not uncommon to see people in their 70s and 80s.

Because there are no crowds of people. Everything is relaxed. There is silence and you live nature in an extraordinary way.

Because it is cheaper. Both the ski pass and the rental of equipment are cheaper than alpine skiing. We are waiting for you at Naturland! The only cross-country ski slopes in Andorra!

After a good day of skiing, we are waiting for you at La Borda de Conangle restaurant, with a daily menu at € 24.40, enjoy our best cuisine in this mountain restaurant. Reservations at (+376) 741461.

Recommended own equipment

Light, waterproof and comfortable warm clothing, warm underwear, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, water and some food such as energy bar or fruit.