Naturland has a long history of offering leisure, sports and educational activities for the different educational systems, we adapt the proposals to the needs of the school, the ages of the students and according to the season of the year in which we meet, we have an offer for every season of the year.

The natural environment in which we find ourselves is the axis of all our activities, we observe how nature is transformed, how the native flora and fauna evolve, we complement the proposals with the sport offer of cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in winter and early spring, or guided hiking trips in summer and fall. We have very large facilities for groups, with a hostel with 116 beds, and different multipurpose rooms for lunch.

Naturland and La Granja, Ability Training Center, a benchmark in Applied Emotional Education, have reached an agreement for the La Granja © Method to be present in Andorra and in Naturland's school activities.

The method Granja© a real accelerator of skills

The La Granja © Method is a methodology based on the practice and training of the emotional skills of children, young people and adults, with results scientifically demonstrated by the GROP of the University of Barcelona, showing significant changes after their passage through La Granja. With fun outdoor activities with animals, natural dressage horses or adventure activities, skills such as cohesion, teamwork, overcoming fears, self-esteem, autonomy or the ability to tolerate frustration are trained.

The La Granja © Method has been tested since 2005 with more than 20,000 children passing through its facilities in Barcelona and Madrid every year.

We will inform you about our products for schools soon.

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