Take advantage of the complementary services offered by your Bike Pass, available at the Bike Center:

  • Shuttle: Car service to move from cota 1600 to 2000 when you have completed one of the routes that connects both areas.
  • Mechanical point express: At NaturlandShop we have a kit of basic tools to cover the repair needs of your bicycle so that you can continue pedaling.
  • Cleaning point: We put at your disposal a cleaning point and some supports to be able to hang your bicycle and clean it completely.
  • Ebike charging point: Plugs area to charge your ebike battery.
  • NaturlandShop: Sale of technical material, nutrition products, and clothing from different specialized brands.
Recovering energy with a good meal is important, and there is no better way to end your ride than in one of the Naturland RESTAURANTS.


One of the other services we offer is SHUTTLE

The shuttle service picks you up from elevation 1600 in the park, where the red Gravity track ends, and leaves you at elevation 2000, right where the rest of the bike center's routes begin.

The shuttle takes approximately 20 minutes and pick-up times are 11h, 12h, 13h, 15h and 17h


At cota 2000 of NaturLand you will find the store, where you will find the ideal equipment for you and yours!! Inside the shop you will discover the ideal pieces if you like cross-country skiing, running, MTB, trail or hiking, all of them of quality and design, sustainable and functional, ready to embark on the next adventures.