Tips and recommendations

With ticket Booking

Check in at the sector where you have booked activities. If you have booked a ticket with several activities, we will indicate in the Activities section in which sector you can find them. If you have activities on both levels, we recommend starting with Elevation 2000 in the morning, as Elevation 1600 is usually more crowded in the mornings. Once you arrive you can go to the boxes reserved for those customers who have a reservation. There they will exchange your booking for the tickets or activities contracted.

Remember that to ride the tobotronc or airtrekk you are not allowed to carry backpacks, handbags, or anything tied around your body or waist; We recommend that you leave it in your vehicle, or at the ticket office in the centre (fee: €1). You will not be allowed to take photos during the activity, so we recommend that you leave your mobile phone stored or carry it in a pocket that you can close. If you wear glasses, we also recommend that you do not wear them during these activities, as you run the risk of losing them. Remember that during the tobotronc ride it is absolutely forbidden to stop, so if you lose an object, you will not be able to recover it.

If you want to have lunch in one of our à la carte restaurants, we recommend that you book in advance with our reservations department, either by email at or by phone at (+376741461).

We recommend that you bring a rainproof garment, a cap that protects you from the sun, closed shoes and comfortable clothing. We also recommend that you apply sunscreen. If you forget an accessory, you can always purchase one in our stores. Remember that you will be at an altitude of between 1600 and 2000 meters. The mountain climate is pleasant, but you need to protect yourself.

We recommend that you check out the activities, their terms and conditions and restrictions before your visit; plan your day and think about where you will eat. Keep in mind that you have to travel between the Elevation 1600 and the Elevation 2000 sectors with your vehicle.

If you have any questions, contact us.

If you have not made a booking yet

Look on the website for all the activities we have and all the packages we offer, in this way you can better plan your visit and your stay in Andorra.

For more information on everything Andorra has to offer the tourist, go to Visit Andorra.