The Andorra Outdoor Activity Center all year round

Do you want to experience unforgettable emotions in a mountain environment of more than 800 hectares and all year round? At Naturland you will enjoy unique experiences at more than 1600m altitude. Choose the ticket you want to live and take advantage of all the activities we offer you, both the most natural and those that are integrated into the mountain landscape, all designed for you to live a stay full of emotions. Complement your visit with the proposals of the Naturland Bike Center, La Rabassa Cross-Country Skiing or the Riding Center.




Valid at Cafeteria 1600 (hamburger menu) and Sano Banano (mountain menu). Low seats available



Enjoy Nordic skiing and complete your day with a delicious meal

La Borda

High mountain dinners

Take dinner at a typical “Borda” of Andorra at 2000 meters high. Friday and Saturday.

La Borda neu

La Borda de conangle Mountain Lodge

Una noche diferente en Andorra en un hotel en plena montaña

Ski nòrdic


Nordic ski pass + equipment rental



A whole world to breathe emotions

If you are looking for a fun, exciting and challenging outdoor activity centre but at the same time calm, kind, and natural, look no further. What you once knew as Naturlandia, will surprise you even more as Naturland.

At Naturland you can experience unforgettable outdoor activities, from the heights or from the ground, explore the forests and admire the mountains. Be the protagonist of your experience, live the strongest emotions in Naturland, share with your friends or family the most fun or unique activities. All the adrenaline of what once Naturlandia was added to the great news of Naturland.