Naturland has 3 itinerary runs for skimo, or ski mountaineering

The price of the day pass is 6 euros.

The skimo will be very present this winter, for that reason Naturland has marked 3 new itineraries. For some years now, the exploration of the winter mountainous landscape without chairlift or motorized aids has become popular. Mountain skiing consists of taking a tour in the mountain combining the ascent on skis to a peak, hill or wherever one wants to arrive and descend skiing.

Like other mountain activities, it is a risky sport. Specific material and equipment are required, as well as physical preparation and technical ability that goes far beyond the simple mastery of downhill skills.

The La Rabassa-Naturland skimo circuits allow you to enjoy the environment without any external element that alters nature.

Do not forget that the weather conditions and the state of the snow change constantly. For this reason, it is essential that you previously check the weather forecast.

Can we explain how ?

And how can we top a mountain on skis? Well, thanks to the material we use that helps us to move forward by sliding the skis on the snow because we use boots that allow us some mobility of our ankles. We also wear “sealskins” (synthetic) that prevent the ski from sliding backwards as well as some bindings that allow us to lift the heel and therefore walk and slide.

And how can we ski down a mountain? Because we can block our boots turning them into rigid boots like alpine ski boots, we can also block the binding thus preventing the heel movement that we have had during the ascent. Likewise, once the surfaces that adhere to the snow, the sealskins, are removed, the surface of our skis will slide down the slope. Yes indeed! If we don't know how to ski on virgin snow, on snow not trodden by snow groomers, the descent will be quite an odyssey!

The La Rabassa Naturland circuits are included in the Natura pass. This pass is a season pass that allows you to access the different skimo circuits in the country, marked and supervised by the country's stations.

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Skimo circuits ans snowshoes La Rabassa

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